SMS and CALL Gateway Integrations

Hashtech specializes in SMS and Call Gateway integrations like Twilio, Nexmo and others. It can be used for several things :

OTP ­ One time passwords for logging into website, self­service systems or for any specific transactions

Transaction Alerts ­ Transaction Alerts at completion of transaction. For example, on your e-commerce site, you can send alerts on completion of transaction and/or if any user leaves transaction incomplete then you can send him/her offers on a particular product and discount offers via SMS/text message

2­way verification system ­ You can have user confirm specific transaction on SMS by sending an SMS to specific number or response to SMS by replying to the text message.Call Based Verification ­ Auto Calling to user on his/her number for verification and taking specific input from user.

Call Based Routing ­ Auto routing of user on call basis. For example, user can call up specific number and enter code on homepage and he gets redirected to specific page on web creating a relation between call and web. Reordering of products can be done call based. Also Call/SMS based one click call on ordering anything from wishlist/shortlisted items.