Payment Gateway Integrations

We have worked on several payment gateway integrations and have expertise on payment gateway integrations. We currently have live integrations with following payment gateways:

  1. Paypal
  3. PayPros [Also known as openEDGE]
  4. WorldPay
  5. CyberSource
  6. SagePay UK
  7. Apriva
  8. 2Checkout
  9. PayUMoney

We can integrate Payment Gateway on your site and you can start accepting credit, debit, net banking payments on your site. We also help you in creating accounts on these payment processors. Our system does not store any credit card info on your site and thus you can stay compliant with the system and don’t worry about any payment issues.

We generally have following things on payment system:

  1. Direct Charge - In this customer is charged for the amount and transaction is closed.
  2. Auth and Capture - In this types of transaction, Payment amount is first autorised and locked for 24 hours generally. If you capture same, less or more amount from the authorization then auth is closed and amount is finally captured. This is normally done in scenario where you are unsure of the final amounts and/or you want to make sure that customer has the money to pay for a specific transaction.
  3. Void - Void happens when you have either done a Auth or direct charge and want to void it due to any specific reason. Generally in field, it is mostly for the reason where transaction failed or some error occured in process. Void basically reverts the transaction.
  4. Refund - This normally happens after the settlement has been done and void is not possible.

We also have expertise in daily settlements and monthly settlements and our team has a good knowledge of payment process as well as transaction management system.