Mailing Engine/ESP Integrations

Hashtech specializes in mailing gateway and ESP integrations. We can integrate easily with ESPs like MailGun, MailJet, PostageApp, SendGrid, MailChimp and several others. We can integrate it on your website and/or your application. We have integrated with most of the ESPs for our existing clients and thus we can have solution integrated for you quickly.

You can send mails using these providers or our proprietary mailing system.  You can send mails for:

  1. Website mails - Contact form, quote forms, support forms, etc
  2. Transactional emails - emails when transaction is done or completes.
  3. Alert mails - Send Alert mails
  4. Newsletters - Send newsletters using mailing gateway
  5. Marketing emails - Send marketing emails

Apart from this, we also provide data management system in which you can manage real time data and connect to ESPs for sending real time emails and promotions. Look for more in our Data Management System under Networker tools section.