Mobile Development

Business Solutions for Mobile

Our HashMobile team has been providing cutting edge solutions for small and medium businesses. We design solutions that provides your company and edge over your competitors, provides you with vast online presence that brings more customers to your desk and thus providing you with more financial and business opportunities.

Our Mobile development services caters to all business owners with mobile needs. We serve our clients with Mini / Mobile versions of their websites.
With Iphone and Android evolving at a lightning pace providing us with cutting edge technologies at our disposal, our team strives to provide you with crisp design and innovative solutions for latest platforms in the market.

Confused between Mobile Website or Mobile App ?

Most of our clients need help to decide between Mobile Application and Mobile website , based on what can be beneficial for the business needs of the client.

Mobile Website

It is just resembles to any website you see on the internet , but with an advanced and customized User Interface(UI ) for best viewing experience on the Mobile Devices.

However it does not help the clients who are looking to provide and their end users the power to use the native and powerful features enclosed in the device for commercially benefiting their business.

Advantages of Mobile Website :

  • Provide end users an easy info providing platform on the internet.
  • Users can access the sites on search engines and get info also when they are on the move.
  • Its and addition to the online presence of the small and medium company and eventually will benefit the business growth.

Mobile Application :

Mobile Application's most important benefit is that , the clients get the opportunity to reach the pockets of the end users while in the case of mobile website the end user finds you on search engines and clicks on the link to reach you.

With usage native features like Push Notifications and E-Coupons  etc  the clients get the upper hand in re-marketing as and when required. Most importantly at low cost.

Advantages of Mobile Application :

  • The initiator of the connection is the client and not the end user.
  • The reach along with native features allows end user to do transactions and information sharing on the move ,thus providing a financial perspective to the growth of the business.